Avalanche risk for the North Rockies this weekend


Officials from the Canadian Avalanche Centre are advising residents not to travel into the backcountry this week.

Forecasters predict there will be a considerable risk of avalanches in the North Rockies area.

The centre issued a bulletin on Friday, which forecasts a moderate risk at the Alpine level, and a considerable risk at and below the tree-line.

The centre claims for the first time this season, there’s weak layer that is buried 50-60cm and is mostly a problem at the tree-line.

The forecast warm temperatures with some precipitation could make this layer very reactive to light loads, and easy for travelers to trigger an avalanche.

If you choose to venture into the mountains this weekend, be prepared and look for the avalanche warning signs.

Last year in B.C., avalanches claimed 24 lives, including eight snowmobilers in one incident near Fernie.