Ice carvers await decision


Watch the video above to view some of the ice carvings made at the 2010 High on Ice Festival on Friday.

Internationally-renowned ice carvers are anxiously awaiting the results of the Single Block Ice Carving Competition.

It was the first carving event of this year’s High on Ice Festival. Carving began shortly after 1:00 p.m. today, and ended two hours later.

All of the carvers transformed their ice block into a detailed art piece. Most survived the warm weather, though one did end up collapsing shortly after completion.

The judges can take as long as they want to decide on a winner, so keep your eyes peeled for the results on

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Photos by Christine Rumleskie/

Each carver started with a slab of ice, pictured above.


After two hours of carving, here’s some of what each sculptor came up with: