Police report 'serious' November assault

The Fort St. John RCMP have just reported a ‘serious’ assault at the Northwoods Inn, two months ago.

The police say an Alberta man in his 40’s suffered serious facial injuries in the attack, and was airlifted to hospital in Edmonton.


The incident began shortly after midnight, on the morning of November 28th, with a verbal altercation between four males.  It began in the lounge of the hotel, and continued in the lobby.

But, it didn’t end there, as soon after, the two suspects, along with unknown number of associates, broke into the victim’s hotel room, and gave him a beating, while pinning down his 20 year-old cohort.

The police are still investigating the attack, and are asking anyone with information that could prove useful, to call the local RCMP’s Crime Reduction Unit, at (250) 787-8140.