Teco Taxi denied rate increase

A taxi ride within Fort St. John will remain the same price as last year.

In October, Teco Taxi wrote to City Council, asking for its support on a proposed 33 per cent rate increase.


Councilors unanimously voted to oppose the request.

Councilor Ackerman explained that there’s no reason why rates should increase that significantly, especially when the cab company was granted a 27% rate increase in 2008. The current the flag rate for the company sits at $4.05 and the distance rate is $2.32 per kilometre.

But, the Passenger Transportation Board makes the final call, and doesn’t need a City’s approval to grant a rate increase. So, President of Teco Taxi, Leonard Aylward, decided he would submit a request to the board anyway.

However, that proposal was refused by Passenger Transportation Board just recently.

Aylward says the company now has to make some immediate changes its operation. He says the company will tighten up all spending, by adjusting wages for management and drivers, and by renegotiating its lease.

He says improvements to those two areas alone could save the company $90,000 annually.