Year end weather numbers for Fort St. John

2009 turned out to be a slightly better than average precipitation year in Fort St. John.

We recorded 474.4 millimeters, 8.8, above the 12-month average. We also had better than average snowfall with the 30.7 centimeters last month, just below the December norm, pushing the yearly total to 229.3.


That’s nearly 44 more than the annual average and we recorded snow in all but three months, June, July and August. The greatest amount, was the 49.9cm.

We had 75.1 millimeters in September, including 6.6 centimters of snow. The 2009 numbers were much better than the previous below average year. We recorded nearly 53 more centimeters of snow and one hundred more millimeters of precipitation, than in 2008.