Another disappointing race for Denny Morrison

By Adam Reaburn

It was another disappointing race for Denny Morrison, this time in the 1,500 metre event.


Morrison finished with a time of 1:46.93, which put him in 9th place.  Morrison still ended up being the top Canadian with Mathieu Giroux in 14th and Lucas Makowsky in 19th.  

The other surprise in the event saw the current world record holder, Shani Davis finish in second behind Mark Tuitert of the Netherlands.  Davis had a time of 1:46.10 and Tuitert had a time of 1:45.57.  Third went to Havard Bokko of Norway.

Morrison still has one more event at the 2010 Olympics, the Men’s Team Pursuit.  The first qualifying runs will happen on Friday at 1:30pm Fort St. John time and the final on Saturday February 27th at 1:30pm.