Denny Morrison finishes in 18th place at the 5000m event

By Adam Reaburn

Denny Morrison has finished his first race at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in 18th place.


Morrison competed in the 5,000 metre event Saturday at the Richmond Oval.  Morrison finished with a time of 6:33.77.  After the race, Morrison said he was feeling good about this first race, the 5000m: "It was about getting a feeling of the Olympic atmosphere out of the system."

The 5,000 metre event is not Denny Morrison’s specialty.  He is the former World Recorder holder in the 1,500 metre race and has done well in the past in the 1,000 metre event.  Those races go next week.  For more on our local athletes visit 

Sven Kramer of the Netherlands won the gold with a time of 6:14.60.  He also set a new Olympic Record.  Seung-Hoon Lee from Korea won the silver and Ivan Kobrev from Russia was third.

Trevor Makowsky, the only other Canadian in the event finished in 13th place with a time of 6:28.71