Dokie Ridge Rescue agreement

The Vancouver Sun is reporting, Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom is defending the renegotiated agreement with the new developer of the proposed Dokie Ridge wind farm in the South Peace.

BC Hydro signed an energy purchase agreement with the initial private developer as part of a call for "green energy" projects back in 2006.


However, work was halted during the global financial crisis in the fall of 2008 and a consultant’s report questioned the reliability of the site near Hudson’s Hope as a source of wind power.

The project was then reactivated last fall, after being taken over by two firms already active in building independent power projects in this province, GE Financial Services and Plutonic Power.

However, that take-over only occurred, after the new developers persuaded Hydro to sweeten the power purchase contract for the project.

The Sun has questioned the minister about concerns of unfairness, to other companies in the private power sector, including those with locked-in contracts at less favorable rates.

However, Mr. Lekstrom is satisfied that with the backing of the BC Utilities Commission, the renegotiated deal, is in the public interest.

The Minister is also quoted as saying, he expects the government will soon pick up the pace on green energy development and that a decision will be made by spring, on whether or not to proceed with phase three of the proposed Peace River Site-C dam evaluation process.