Gasoline and Crude Oil Prices

The latest survey shows there was a major jump in the national average price of gasoline in the past week.



It is now two cents higher than the common posted price for a regular liter in Fort St. John, which at a 109.2, remains close to where it’s been since last fall.

The weekly cross-country monitor of Calgary based MJ Ervin and Associates quotes a 60-city average price of a 103.2, up four point nine cents from the previous week.

That’s also more than 20 cents a liter higher than this time last year, when the national average was only 82.5 cents.

This morning shows the BC average at a 105.6 cents.

That represents about a three cent hike in the past week, and it is nearly 14 cents higher than the price this time last year.

However, it should also be noted, that by the end of trading yesterday the price of a barrel crude oil was 78.86 cents U.S and that is nearly double what is was at this time last year.