Local man in jail for fleeing cops

By Energeticcity.ca staff

A Fort St. John man is in police custody after temporarily evading RCMP officers on Thursday night.
At around 11:00 p.m., officers saw an uninsured white, Honda Accord pulling out of a residence on 96th street. Police say the driver was recognized as being part of the city’s drug trade.
But, when officers tried to pull him over, the man refused to stop the car, and fled the scene.
Instead of pursuing the vehicle, police advised other members to begin searching for the vehicle.
Around 20 minutes later, the abandoned vehicle was found on 88th Avenue, and a police dog was called in to track the suspect.
The unidentified man was soon located at a nearby residence, and was arrested without incident.
He remains in custody, and faces charges of fleeing officers, possessing unidentified stolen items, and having no insurance on his vehicle.