Local RCMP Fraud Alert

The RCMP has issued another local area fraud alert.



Police put out the warning after learning yesterday, a "Secret Shopper Letter and Cheque" had been received by a Fort St. John area resident.

The cheque was made out to the resident, and the letter said that person had been chosen to work as a "secret shopper".

The letter instructed the recipient to cash the cheque and contact the sender for further instructions.

It said more money, sent by wire, would cover Western Union service charges, shopping expenses at two local businesses and a wage for the recipient.

The recipient who police say, had never made any inquiries about becoming a secret shopper, was also instructed, to complete customer service surveys and return them to the sender.

Police say the companies listed are legitimate businesses but they do not conduct business in this manner.

Thus, anyone receiving correspondence or cheques of this nature is encouraged to contact the RCMP immediately, at the local detachment and phonebusters telephone numbers….250-787-8140 and 1-888-495-8501…or online at www.phonebuster.com.