Peace River Ungulate Monitoring Study

BC Hydro has initiated another Peace River Valley study, hoping to gather more information to be used for potential Site-C dam evironmental assessment.

The provincial government still has to decided if they are going to proceed, with the next stage of the project.


As a follow-up to baseline wildlife studies conducted in three of the past five years, the Peace River Ungulate Monitoring Study is designed to gather data on mule deer, moose and elk habitat use and Peace Valley movement patterns.

Up to seventy animals will be captured in the area between Hudson’s Hope and the Alberta border, outfitted with GPS collars and tracked for up to two years.

The targeted capture areas will be on both sides and approximately within one kilometer of the Peace River.

Hydro says monthly field study notices will provide ongoing information about the program and for further information you can also go online to or call, 1-877-217-0777.