Upgrades continue on GMS Generation Station


By staff

As Peace River residents settle into the New Year, the Gordon M. Shrum generation station continues with its transformation.

Last year, the station, near the WAC Bennett Dam in Hudson’s Hope, began an extensive facelift. The project is separated into seven sections, replacing everything from outdated turbines to generator equipment.

Planning is already underway to replace turbines ‘One’ through ‘Five.’ The old 1960’s turbines produce around 12 per cent of BC Hydro’s power production capacity. The new turbines are expected to ensure ongoing reliability, availability and operational flexibility.

The first turbine should be installed next year and fully operational in 2012. Installation of all five turbines should be complete by 2017.

Meanwhile, installation of Generator Stators ‘Units one’ through ‘three’ has been complete. The last unit is expected to be completed this summer.

There’s still a lot more replacements to be done that are slated for this year, including rotor poll replacements, transformer replacements and station service replacements.