A Day for the Kids comes to an end

By Energeticcity.ca Staff

Arctech Welding and Machining’s a Day for the Kids has wrapped up after another successful year.


All day on Thursday March 4th, the staff of Moose FM and the Child Development Centre shared stories about the services of the CDC and encouraged local residents to donate.

The number as of Thursday at 6 p.m was $24,674.45 donated by Fort St. John and area residents and that number is expected to grow over the coming days.

All the proceeds will towards Project Build-a-Fort, which will see the CDC’s building almost double in size.  Construction on the new building should be completed later this year

The 36th Annual CDC Talent Show will be held on Friday March 5th starting at 6pm at the NPCC. You can hear the show live on Moose FM starting at 6pm and is sponsored by Compressor Control Technologies.

If you’d like to make a donation to the CDC, call 250-785-3200.