Local Chamber Level Playing Field Proposals

The Fort St. John and District Chamber of Commerce is calling on the provincial government, to implement a more efficient means of policing the tax collection for out-of-province companies doing business in BC.

To that end it would like the province to establish a very active Alberta/BC highway border presence, with regard to commercial vehicle law enforcement.


It is also calling on the province to ensure all work performed by companies in BC after July first be invoiced, with the full twelve percent H-S-T regardless of the companies home office location.

In addition, the local chamber would like Ottawa to ensure fair and thorough taxation and collection practices for the aforementioned companies…and, to establish H-S-T rebates to BC businesses to offset the extra seven percent impact on profitability.

Finally, it is calling on Ottawa to fulfil obligations and commitments regarding level competition, among the provinces participating in the Trade, Investment and Labor Mobility Agreement, which originally involved BC and Alberta and came into effect three years ago.

The local recommendations will be among those presented at the Provincial Chamber’s Annual General Meeting in May.