New planning tool helps communities include all

By staff



There’s a new planning tool that helps local groups make communities more inclusive for all residents.

The planner is dubbed, “Planning for the Future: Age-Friendly, Disability-Friendly Official Community Plans”. It was developed by Measuring Up The North.

It’s available to all local governments, planners, community groups, health care professionals and students.

President of the North Central Local Government Association, Karen Goodings, says the guidelines will be incredibly valuable as aging and disability are becoming more of a focus than they were previously. She says the tool is now a model for the rest of Canada.

The planner provides guidelines, with examples from local governments around the province, on how community plans can be used to make communities more accessible and inclusive for people of all ages and abilities.

Topic areas include: land planning, transportation, economic development, housing, arts and culture and also includes ideas on how to engage the community and a variety of valuable resources.

For a copy of this planner, click here.