Tentative Contract: Canfor & USW

According to the union’s website, rank and file voting is underway on a tenative contract agreement, between the United Steel Workers’ and Canadian Forest Products.

 The USW began talks with Canfor last fall, after talks with the umbrella group representing three forest companies in the province broke off.


After three months of what Canfor’s Dave Lefevre is quoted as saying were "unique and innovative negotiations", the two sides have come up with a tentative four year deal ending in June of 2013.

Union Wood Council Chair, Bob Matters calls it "A good agreement for our members, Canfor and for the industry, which will help us on the road to recovery."

The union website says the deal will include unprecedented seniorty protection, better severance pay and a two percent wage increase in the third and fourth years.

Provided it receives rank and file approval the union says the deal will be presented to both West Fraser and Conifer as a blueprint for new deals with them.