Update #3- Fire causes power outage in Charlie Lake area

Map:  This map shows the location of the two outages in Charlie Lake



**Update – Power has been restored to the Charlie Lake area.  For more on this story, click here 


**Update – Hydro now says the power will be out until at least 11:00pm tonight.  The power outage is now affecting over 1,400 customers in the Charlie Lake area.


**Update – Power was restored to this area at about 6:30pm.  Hydro is now reporting that there is still a power outage in the Charlie Lake area.  They now say 297 customers in the area are without power and it could be restored by 8pm.  The outage runs from the 273 road in the West and South of Tamarack Road.  

There is also another outage being reported west of the 275 road and is affecting 302 customers.  This outage is expected to be restored by 8:30pm.  The cause of both outages are still under investigation.


By Energeticcity.ca Staff

A large power outage is affecting over 1,400 customers in the Charlie Lake area.

The outage stretches from North of Highway 29 to South-East of the Alaska Highway and West of 86th street.  The power went out at around 5pm and is expected to be back on by 7:30pm.  

At this time we are working getting details about the fire.

We will post more information as it becomes available.