City Construction Value Still Ahead of 2009 Pace

The value of construction in Fort St. John last month was nearly double what it was in the same month last year.



39 permits worth more than $3.3 million were issued, as compared to 15 issued in April of 2009, worth less than $1.9 million.

In addition, that pushed the 2010 year-to-date total to more than $14 million, as compared to just $3.3 million last year.

However, it should also be noted, last year was a down year, and the four month total for 2008 was more than $32 million.

In terms of revenue, the 39 permits added nearly $12 thousand to city coffers, and raised the year-to-date total to nearly $80 thousand.

That’s about four and a half times the four month total of last year, which was just over $18 thousand…and it is also about $20 thousand ahead of the comparable 2008 total.