Gamble wins BBC's Thursday time trial


George Gamble won the 16 km Baldonnel time trial on Thursday night, with a time of 26:51 minutes. Peter King was second at 27:47 and Kevin Shaw third at 28:07. Sandy McDonald was 4th at 28:08 and Pat Ferris 5th at 28:13.


Bob Andrews was 6th at 28:18, Ken Nix 30:26, Owen Giebelhaus 30:54, Floyd Polehoykie 32:11 and Rob Churchill 32:22.

Tristen Bourassa and Barb Polehoykie did 28:37 for the 8 km.

Thanks to Patricia Emery for timing!

It is the King of Spring and Queen of Spring road races, Sunday. Pat Ferris has been King of Spring for the past two years and Sandy McDonald has been Queen of Spring for the past two years, as well. There is a new start and new course for this race which was first run in 1997. It starts at the intersection of Shenandoah road and the Old Montney Highway at 10 am.

-submitted story from BBC AGM on Wednesday:

The Blizzard Bike Club held its 27th Annual General Meeting and Elections, Wednesday night, at Northern Lights College.

Past President Patricia Emery congratulated the club for a job well done. She thanked those who have stepped up to the plate to pitch in to do whatever is needed.

Elections were held. President for the 2010 – 2011 season is Patricia Emery. Pat Ferris and Adam Currie are the Vice Presidents. Dawn Gladysz is Treasurer. Directors at Large are Bob Andrews, Wim Kok, Gord Harris, Sandy McDonald, Richard Wood, Ken Nix, Barb Polehoykie, Hilda Bilodeau and Bill Lindsay. Winners were all by acclamation.