May 15th Community Events Photos

People gather at the Rotary Campgrounds in Charlie Lake to get ready to take part in the Annual Charlie Lake Spring Clean-Up.                                                               Picture: Amber Davy



An audience gathers at the North Peace Gymnastics Club as the Doetzel Invitational Gymnastics Competition takes place.                                                                     Picture: Amber Davy


Today’s Techniques hosted it’s 2nd Annual Sweat-A-Thon fundraiser for the Relay for Life.                                                                                                   Picture: Amber Davy


Welcome Wagon held a Baby Shower for mothers and expecting mothers at the Stonebridge Hotel.                                                                                               Picture: Amber Davy


Fort St. John Drag Racing Association hosted the Tritech Compression Season opener at the Northern Lights Raceway.                                                                  Picture: Amber Davy