Local Area Late Spring and Early Summer Rain Needed

Today officially marks the beginning of the last week of spring, as the longest day of this year, the beginning of the Summer Solstice, will be next Monday.



With the month already nearly half over, it appears as if the Peace Region will head into summer in need of more moisture, having recorded just over 7 millimeters to date, in a month in which the local area norm is more than 71.

However, the last time we reached or exceeded the June average in precipitation, was in 2007, when we received 92.4 millimeters.

Last year we recorded only 41.2, and in 2008, only 26.7.

The one day local record for the month is also the all-time daily record, and it is 80.3 millimeters, which was recorded on June 27th of 1965.