Revised totals and forecast in BC water supply bulletin

The Environment Ministry has issued an information bulletin, which shows June rainfall, eased water supply challenges, in many regions of the province.

However, the exception is the north, and the bulletin gives the notable exception, as the Fort St. John area.


As reported earlier, it received only 14.3 millimeters of precipitation, which is just 20 percent of the 71.4, Environment Canada, local area monthly average.

Things didn’t improve much during the first third of this month, with only 7.8 millimeters in the first eleven days.

Things have improved the past two days, but not as much as Environment Canada reported at mid-day yesterday.

This area recorded 3.2 millimeters on Monday, but after putting Tuesday morning’s total at 13.2 millimeters, the government weather bureau now puts the full day’s total, at only 6.2.

If that’s accurate, the month-to-date total through yesterday is 17.2, and with almost half the month gone, we are still 66 millimeters below the July average.

In addition, Environment Canada has also revised its seven day forecast and while including the possibility of a thunderstorm late this afternoon has dropped any reference to showers on four of the six days after today.