Wagon adventure brings couple through FSJ


Photo: Sheila and Mike Haveman have been travelling in their covered wagon and stopped in Fort St. John on their way to Alaska./ Kimberley Molina



An American couple decided to create their own adventure when they packed up a covered wagon, hitched their two horses, and brought along their two dogs to travel to Alaska.

Mike and Sheila Haveman began the adventure on Apr. 18 in Ranchester, Wyoming where they are from. They plan on making it up to Skagway on the Alaska panhandle.

They say they thought this was the time for them to do make the journey and ride for an important cause.

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They spend most of their time in the wagon. It has a bed, stove, heater, and other necessities.

They say they only travel between 30 and 40 km in a day and so they are able to visit many of the little towns along the way and have met many people during their travels.

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So far, they have travelled just over 2,400 km and expect to travel a total distance of about 3,900 km.

They hope to be at their destination in mid- to late-September.

However, it hasn’t been all fun for the couple. They have had some mechanical problems. They stopped in Fort St. John last week and had continued along the Alaska Highway until they decided they needed to get their brakes fixed before continuing on.

They had to return to Fort St. John to have the brakes fixed and have been in town for the past few days.

Anyone who wishes to donate to their cause can visit their website http://wyomingwagonadventures.com/

The Havemans wanted to thank Everett and Joan Patterson and Shane Wagner for the help they were given while they’ve been in town.