NEAT offers free waste assessments

The Northern Environmental Action Team is partnering with the Peace River Regional District and BC Hydro to provide waste and energy assessments to businesses.

The assessments will be offered to businesses in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors at no cost.


Many businesses know to recycle office paper, but don’t know that other items such as computers, compact fluorescent bulbs, and steel can also be recycled locally, says Beth Thompson, program co-ordinator at NEAT.

The Waste Assessment consultation process involves determining where a business’s waste is going.

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Thompson says there are sometimes only a few simple changes a business can make that will create a significant impact on their waste reduction strategies.

Part of the program also looks into ways a company can reduce their energy usage, from the type of light bulbs being used, the insulation of water heaters, and ensuring there are no leaky faucets.

She adds that despite the environmental benefits, there will be further monetary benefits for businesses to decrease their waste output as fees for certain waste items may increase.

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Any business interested in having an assessment performed can contact NEAT at 250-785-6328.