New garbage bins in effect Wednesday


Roll out those garbage bins.


On Wednesday, Fort St. John will begin its new garbage initiative with the new bins that have been distributed to residences around the City.

Residents are allowed to fill the bins with as many bags as they want, as long as the lid shuts.

The bins hold approximately three full garbage bags, but if anyone requires a second bin, Don Demers, the City’s director of public works, says they are available at a cost of $75 plus the annual $120 pickup fee.

One new feature of the bins is a barcode that corresponds to a specific address.

The barcodes mean if a bin goes missing and city workers find it elsewhere, it can be returned to its proper address.

The bins are expected to cut down on messes made by animals that tear into garbage bags that are placed on the curb. Furthermore, garbage collection times will decrease around the city as the trucks will pick up the bins and dump them into the truck without a worker having to leave the truck.

Anyone who has not yet received a bin should contact public works at 250-787-8150.