Slow Pitch case headed to trial

A lawyer representing Nicole Kelly has entered a not guilty plea on two charges.

Kelly is the former treasurer of the Fort St. John Mixed Slow Pitch Society and is accused of taking over $100,000 from the society.


Kelly is facing a charge of theft over $5,000 and a charge of fraud over $5,000. The thefts allegedly took place over a four-year period and were discovered in 2009.

Wednesday afternoon the Crown, Kelly’s Lawyer and Judge met to discuss what evidence will be brought forward during the trial.

The Crown says there is broad file in regards to her case and the proceedings could take several days.
It was added that there were approximately nine witnesses and potentially a police officer that could testify in the case.
A trial date should be set shortly.
She is also facing another count of theft over $5,000 and fraud for allegedly stealing money from a previous employer