Fort St. John ten-month building numbers


Last month, for the first time since January, the 2010 year-to-date value of construction in Fort St. John was not, at least double the comparable total for the previous year.


This year’s 10-month total was $41 million 768 thousand from 259 permits.

That compares to $24 million 317 thousand from 237 permits for the same period in 2009.

However, this year’s running total is now nearly $13 million more, than the full calendar year total in 2009.

That was $28 million 809 thousand, and was exceeded in the first eight months of this year by more than $5 million.

Also through October, city revenue from the permits this year did more than double, both the comparable and the full calender year, 2009 totals.

This year’s 10-month total was nearly $208 thousand, compared to just under $95 thousand for the same period last year, and the full year’s 2009 total of just over $103 thousand.