RCMP investigating HST petition

The RCMP is investigating seven anti-HST petition canvassers in B.C., including one in Northern B.C., concerning allegations, they had some individual voters sign the campaign petition more than once.

This is Sergeant Tim Shields.
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The campaign’s lead organizer Chris Delaney says everything was done properly.
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What Delaney says he sees as the validation process, Chief Electoral Officer Craig James says is a violation of the Recall and Initiative Act.

However,  James also agrees this is a number’s game and given the high percentage of valid signatures, the HST referendum will go ahead as scheduled next September.

In the Peace River North riding,  2,717 signatures were recjected by Elections B.C., meaning 4,686 were considered valid.  In the South Peace, 1,576 were rejected and 3,769 signatures were considered valid.