Sparks fly between local and Vancouver doctor


Some controversy has occurred over a story in the Vancouver Sun.


Pamela Fayerman, the Sun’s health issues reporter, had written a story on how various hospitals around the Vancouver area had received a donation of portable ultrasound equipment as part of the Olympic legacy.

After the story was written, a Fort St. John doctor wrote to the paper wondering about the other hospitals across the province. Of concern was the fact the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation had to raise approximately $80,000 to purchase its own machine for the emergency department when other hospitals were simply provided with the machines.

The current head of Radiology for the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver General Hospital responded to the doctor’s letter saying that five machines were awarded after doctors across the country were called on to apply.

The Fort St. John doctor then replied to that letter stating that none of the doctors he had surveyed had ever heard of being able to apply for the units and further states that he believes that no such application ever existed outside of the Vancouver General Hospital.

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