Let the ice festival begin

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Photo: Councilors race down ice slides- Sean Assor, Energeticcity.ca

The seventh annual High on Ice Festival has officially begun.

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Community Interviews with Moose FM

Thursday evening, Mayor Bruce Lantz, along with other Council members, ice carving competitors and general fans of the festival all braved the cold weather to kick off this year’s event.

Mayor Lantz started off the event by thanking everyone in attendance and everyone involved in the process of making this years event a reality.

After special thanks was directed towards the Fort St. John Arts Council, who played a significant role in making the High on Ice festival possible.

The focus was then shifted to the brave ice carving competitors, who will not only have to compete against one another but with Mother Nature as well. The festival has attracted a wide range of competitors from all over the world. Teams from the United States, London, England and even Asia have all gathered in Fort St. John to compete in the event.

This year marks the first year that colored ice will be used in the ice carving competition, adding a whole new “wow factor” to the competition.

After the speeches, the festival officially began with the mayor and fellow council members racing down the ice slides. It was a close race, but it appeared the Councilor Bolin emerged victorious. Although, there was some controversy regarding those results.

When asked about the weather issue this year, Mayor Lantz said he understands the concern but is hoping that it won’t deter people too much. The festival will have warming tents and as long as people dress accordingly, the festival will still be just as fun. He went on to explain how so many volunteers worked extremely hard to put on the event and even if people only attend for a short period of time, any support is appreciated.

The Festival starts Friday everyone is encouraged to check it out, even if only for a short amount of time. The festival involves a large amount of talent and is definitely worth a little time in the cold.


If any events are cancelled, Moose FM and energeticcity-beta.mystagingwebsite.com will pass that information along as soon as we can.

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