Lantz to make statement today at Council

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Mayor Bruce Lantz has indicated he will be making a statement later today regarding the the resolution unanimously approved by Fort St. John City Council during a closed meeting on February 28th.


The resolution, that goes to his conduct, is scheduled to be brought forward today, as part of the agenda of council’s regular meeting, and it has resulted in nation-wide media and public interest.


In a news release on Friday, City Hall suggested it was trying to get out front, of what it called public and news media speculation, with a list of what it called, the facts of the case.

It referred to the case as a sensitive issue, and stated that Council wishes to assure the public, a process was followed, and the resolution is the culmination of time and effort on the part of all council members.

Here now are the aforementioned listed facts in the news release that are additions and/or clarifications to the resolution information we reported on Friday morning.

The release reiterated City Council received complaints regarding the Mayor’s conduct, but added the City cannot discus the details of those complaints.

It also said, outside professionals were brought in to assist Council’s investigation of those complaints, and reiterated the Mayor was informed and involved throughout the process.

It further stated the complaints did not involve any employee of the City, and the portion of the resolution regarding staff is intended to protect the interests, of both, staff and the Mayor.

The Council meeting today will be held at 3p.m. and you can watch a live video broadcast of the meeting by clicking here.




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