Province grants Telus 10 year contract to expand services

A major telecommunications contract is expected to benefit the Peace Region.

The contract is worth approximately $100 million per year.


The Province says the contract will expand high-speed internet connections for families and businesses in rural and remote areas, while also expanding cellular coverage along highways across B.C.

Through this contract, 119 designated rural and remote communities across the province will get increased internet bandwith, which will increase their current internet speed by ten times.

The new contract will also provide a variety of benefits to the northeast. Nine schools will be upgraded to high-speed fibre optic internet connections and ten communities will receive improved internet connections. In addition, the contract will include improved cell phone coverage over Highway 77 and Highway 97, ranging more than 1,700 kilometres of coverage. 

According to the B.C. government, the contract will save the province $8.5 million in the first year and, based on B.C.'s historical growth patterns, could save a total of $400 million over the life of the contract.