Karate school donates towards new arts centre

The Dawson Creek Kyokushin Kumite Society, which operates the Chujitsu Kyokushin Karate Dojo, presented city councillors with a cheque to pay for the special floor, which helps to absorb impact and reduce injuries, and will not only help karate students, but dance students as well.

President Rene Tremblay said the non-profit society raised the funds through the contributions and fundraising efforts of students and instructors.


"We're a community-oriented organization, and we wanted to give back to the community," he said. "We are part of the KPAC (Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre) family and we believe in their belief systems."

The dojo currently as about 25 students ranging age from early teens to middle-age, and including six black belt students who share the instructional duties. Students from the dojo have competed in international tournaments and many have trained with Kyokushin experts there.

Treasurer Patrick Michiel said he started training about 15 years ago after watching his children participate.

"I was sitting their getting fat on the sidelines, and I thought, why should I do this when I could be up there with them," he said, adding he was 47 when he started.

The karate school operates from September to June. To register for September classes, contact KPAC at 250-782-9325.