MLA critical of recently announced OGC hydrologic study

One B.C. MLA is criticizing an Oil and Gas Commission and Geoscience B.C. modelling project for not going far enough.

Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson says hydrologic monitoring is needed in the northeast, but the project will not address water use for hydraulic fracking in the oil and gas industry.


Simpson says the OGC needs to begin looking beyond the simple monitoring project and look into further water issues, including the reason as to why huge amounts of water are used for fracking.

He has also spoken out about what he believes will be a lack of objectivity on the part of the OGC, since he says the Commission has already claimed billions of litres of water used by the industry is trivial.

The current modelling project uses climate, topography and land cover information to give stream flow estimates for rivers and lakes over various times in a year.