Pimm casts HST ballot, urges residents to vote

Photo: Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm prepares his ballot for mailing, after marking a "No" to extinguishing the HST./Kimberley Molina



Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm has checked off a “No” on his HST referendum ballot, referring to the referendum as a critical time for the B.C. government.

Residents will be making probably the biggest tax decision in a long time, says Pimm.

He says despite the fact that the HST was poorly rolled out in B.C., he still believes it is good tax policy, which benefits both small and large businesses.

This was Pimm’s first official duty as an independent MLA after resigning from the Liberal caucus and from his post as a parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Energy and Mines on June 27. His resignation came after he announced he had spent a night in jail after a domestic dispute involving his wife.

Although Pimm would not comment on the ongoing case, which has now been assigned to a special prosecutor, he did indicate he may try and rejoin the Liberal caucus, depending on the outcome of the case.

He also says he chose to stay on as an MLA because he believes there’s still work to be done, but felt he should resign from the Liberal caucus to deal with his personal issues in his own way.

As MLA, Pimm is still urging all residents to vote, whether they are in favour of the HST or not.

The Liberal government has promised to reduce the HST to 10 per cent, if residents vote in favour of keeping the controversial tax. It would remove one per cent from the tax on July 1, 2012 and an additional one per cent two years later on July 1, 2014.