Police will be out in full force this long weekend



The Province, police and ICBC kicked off the summer CounterAttack campaign today with a reminder to plan ahead and choose a designated driver to get home safely.

"Police will be out in full force looking for impaired drivers at roadchecks across the province this summer," said Chief Constable Jamie Graham, Traffic Committee Chair of British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP). "We see the consequences of impaired driving far too often. That’s why when you are out celebrating this summer we’ll be there too, doing our part to keep B.C. roads safe."

On average, 126 lives are lost each year on B.C. roads in crashes involving impaired driving.

Safety tips for reducing impaired driving:

  • After a couple isn’t the time to choose a designated driver.
  • If you're going to drink, make the smart choice: choose a designated driver before going out and plan to get home safe.
  • Set an example; refuse to ride with drivers who may be impaired. Your smart driving decisions can have a significant influence on others.
  • A true designated driver is the person who chooses not to drink so that they can drive others home safely.
  • If you see an impaired driver, call 911 and report it to your local police.
  • Learn about the effects of alcohol. It affects your judgment, reaction time and coordination, your ability to steer, track moving objects, brake, and control your speed and lane position.
  • No amount of coffee, cold showers or fresh air will make you sober. The only cure is time.

For more information about the summer CounterAttack campaign, visit www.icbc.com.