Tumbler Ridge warned of imminent, prolonged power outage

Dave Conway, community relations manager for the public utility, said significant erosion has exposed the wooden structure – located about 68 kilometres south of the W.A.C Bennett Dam – to a greater risk of failing.

"We will work quickly and safely to re-establish power by constructing an immediate, temporary solution, and the length of the outage that will result and how quickly we can (repair) it is really dependent on the site location, which is unstable, and also the road access, which very poor," said Conway. "That could result in a minimum one to two day outage, and possibly longer depending on the field conditions."


He said additional workers and equipment from elsewhere in the province have been called in to assist crews already on site. However, he said with more rainfall expected in the area over the weekend, work could be hampered further.

Conway said the Provincial Emergency Program has been engaged to assist Tumbler Ridge in the case of a prolonged outage. He added BC Hydro will continue to provide information about the ongoing efforts and any potential for power interruption through its website and the website of the District of Tumbler Ridge.

He said in the case of an outage, residents in the town with landed phone lines can phone 1-888-POWERON (769-3766) for updates.

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