Grand Master guest teaching Taekwondo class

Throughout the week of Sept. 26-30, Master of Red Dragon Taekwondo School Daryl Marsh has taken a step back, allowing Grand Master Sayed Najem to lead his class.

Najem has quite a history in the discipline of Taekwondo and has had tremendous success in the sport, competing in two Olympic events, earning silver in one and winning two world championships.

Najem has been certified with the seventh dan black belt, earning him his Grand  Master status.

According to Red Dragon’s Master Daryl Marsh, Najem is extremely talented with the technical aspect of the sport, something which he feels is very important for his students to learn. He also feels that Najem’s skill and wisdom of the sport can be extremely useful when the students participate in sparring drills.

This is not the first time the Grand Master has visited the Energetic City. Marsh brings Najem to teach annually and has received nothing but positive feedback from his students. The two even have a history together, having both trained under the same Grand Master at one time.

Anyone interested in taking a class with the Grand Master is encouraged to do so as the Red Dragon is accepting drop-ins for these classes.

For more information, contact the Red Dragon Taekwondo school at 250-785-2736 and for more information on Grand Master Najem, visit his official website.