Highway 97 closed in the Pine Pass due to collisions

The highway is closed in both directions 10 kilometres north of the junction with Highway 39, south of Mackenzie, due to a collision. The other collision occurred at Bijoux Falls, 32 kilometres north of the junction with Highway 39, and south of Mackenzie.

No fatalities are reported, but three vehicles including a semi-tractor trailer are blocking the road. The road conditions are very poor and travel on Highways 39 and 97 is not recommended. The road cannot be ploughed as at least one snow plough has gone off the road as well.


Mile 0 City will post most information, including when the highway is reopened, as soon as it is known.

Highway 97 was already reduced to single-lane, alternating traffic with up to 20 minute delays due to a wash out 28 kilometres south of the junction with Highway 29 near Chetwynd.