Larry Evans loves his job

Evans has been a councillor for the last two terms, and hopes to go for at least one more.

"Everything the happens in Fort St. John benefits me and if I can in some way help Fort St. John be a better city I certainly will."


Evans may not be known for being the most dissenting councillor, but that's not what he finds most important.

"I love Fort St. John and that's all I can say. In whatever I do I've got no bones to pick, I've got no axes to grind. I'm there because I love it and I love Fort St. John and I love doing what I'm doing.

He says he's proud of what council has accomplished over the past three years and wants to stay on to see the completion of projects like the new fire hall, important to him as a former Fire Chief. He hopes to reach a happy medium with the community, where they understand the city wants to invest in the area, but is on a strict budget.

Evans is relying on his reputation in the city, saying people know him and "what you see is what you get".