UBC defends Northern Medical Program

In two letters written to the CBC this week, both faculty and students claim the facts in the CBC story are incorrect.  The article claimed less than 25 per cent of first class graduates of the UBC Northern Medical Program end up opening practices in the Northern region of the province.

Dr. Gavin Stuart, Dean, Faculty of Medicine said in a letter this week “Of the first group of 24 doctors to go through the program, only 12 were family practice doctors who completed their residencies in 2010. Of those twelve, five are in practice in northern B.C., and one is practicing in the Kootenays. Three more are currently doing locums or short-term training in northern B.C. and two are practicing in rural Alberta. In short, 11 of 12 doctors are currently serving in rural areas. “


The program provides $90,000 of funding annually per student, is designed to train doctors in the north so they would stay after graduation and serve the communities they trained in.

To view the original story from the CBC, click here.  To read the letters from UBC faculty and students, click here.