Province to advertise northern jobs

The article says ads are being created in support of Premier Christy Clark’s jobs plan that was announced in September. The campaign is designed to offer advice on how individuals can take advantage of existing employment opportunities.

Job opportunies are abundant here in the Peace Region, as “Help Wanted” signs can be seen in establishments all across the area.


Jobs Minister Pat Bell is quoted as saying, “right now anything north of Quesnel, unemployment rates are pretty low. You can find individual places where that is not the case, but the job growth in the north has been extraordinary in all trades-related fields.”

The new provincial ad campaign is set to begin in December, with a larger, international campaign scheduled to be launched in the new year, with intentions of attracting investment dollars to the province.

The article also quotes Bell as saying he does not yet know what the ads will cost, but he argues they are necessary to engage communities in job creation.

Bell says communities need to come together and realize their potential and “the purpose of these ads will be to drive people to action.”

Recently, Premier Clark abandoned her plans for a fall election, instead shifting her focus toward job creation. Such plans include economic development targets such as a new liquefied natural-gas plants and eight new mines, all in northern B.C.

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