Toys for Tickets returns to Energetic City

The program allows citizens to pay their parking meter violation tickets by bringing in new, packaged toys of equal value instead, which will be donated to the Salvation Army. Those toys will later be distributed to the less fortunate for the holidays.

Residents can always bring cash instead, which will also be donated to the Salvation Army.


Shirley Collington, the City's Deputy Treasurer, says that delinquent parkers are often seen bringing in toys that are worth much more than the amount on their ticket.

"The only thing they get in return is a parking ticket that now says paid, instead of owing, but they'll give a lot more than ten dollars."

She also speculated some people save their tickets for this time of year, knowing the money will be donated, adding, "that's why it's so popular, I believe, the fact that everyone's giving."

The revenue normally received from meter violation tickets will be funded from Council Contingency.  The financial impact of this program is an estimated $1,500-$2,000.

City Councillor Lori Ackerman emphasizes the program's importance, saying the amount paid "may not seem like a lot to those paying the tickets, but does mean a lot to the people receiving the gifts."

The Toys for Tickets Campaign was initiated back in 2005 and has proved to be a popular program within the community.