Fort St. John requesting member on Immigration Task Force

"We have to have someone from Fort St. John on that committee, so I've made the call and I anticipate that we will have someone on there."

She has already contacted the province pointing out the need for a representative from this area, and says she is eagerly awaiting a response.

As for who should sit on the committee, Ackerman says she has dozens of people in mind. She says the task force needs someone in the field, who actually deals with the problem, hears from others, and can "speak from the heart".

The Fort St. John & District Chamber of Commerce has also issued a letter to the premier, urging the inclusion of a representative from the northeast.

It states, "We would have a stronger voice with a representative from the Northeast sector. Our needs are very unique to the Northeast, we are a unique area with unique issues that may not be articulated in the way that we need."

The Chamber also offers to sit on the task force.

The Immigration Task Force will review all of the province's current immigration programs to find ways to improve them and bring more skilled workers and investments to B.C. It is currently made up of nine members, chaired by Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap and including former Minister Stockwell Day and CEO Asia Pacific Foundation Yuen Pau Woo.