Tumbler Ridge RCMP arrest two in drug bust

Upon searching the apartment, police located what is believed to be powdered and crack cocaine, various paraphernalia used for weight measurement, packaging, distribution, as well as quantities of cash.

Located within the apartment were one adult female, previously suspected by police to be involved in the drug trade for several years, along with a younger female. Both females were arrested and are facing charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking.

Detachment Commander Sgt. Kirk Render spoke about the bust, saying, “as a detachment we have been very active gathering intelligence to support these types of police interventions and want the public to know that while police enforcement may sometime appear to be slow in coming, it will happen…Tumbler Ridge RCMP will not condone or tolerate this type of activity.”

According to the RCMP, the criminal consequences upon conviction for drug related activity can be life altering with the potential seizure of assets which can include homes, vehicles and property.