Province announces 2012/2013 Peace River North road upgrades

Pimm says the roads that have been identified for resurfacing or paving are roads that he and the Ministry of Transportation have heard complaints about from residents.

“I would think that all of these roads are ones that we’ve heard different folks talk about,” he said. “It’s always nice to be able to make some progress.”

However, some projects they want to see have been put on the back burner due to conflicts like sewer work.

In Fort St. John, phase 2 of work on 86 Street near the new hospital from 109 Avenue to 100 Avenue will be completed, including walking paths and lighting. The road to the 100 Street look out will also be paved, along with portions of Hilltop Road, Rimrock Road by Jackfish Dundee’s, Charlie Lake South by the school, and the Old Hudson’s Hope Road. Various side roads in the region will be strengthened, gravelled and graded, including Altona Road, Clayhurst Ferry 108 Road and the Clayhurst 111 Hill.

Fort Nelson will see construction of the Fort Nelson Gateway Intersection, which includes left turn slots, deceleration lanes and signals on Highway 97N at the intersection of the Airport Connector Road. A design and cost estimate will also be taken for increasing the load capacity of the Fort Nelson River Bridge on Highway 77, north of Fort Nelson.

In addition, an enhanced dust suppression program will be undertaken for roads impacted by the oil and gas industry, like Altona Road, Beryl Prairie Road and Clayhurst Ferry 108 Road.

“We often hear about lots of dust within the region, and good dust suppression makes a big, big difference,” Pimm argues.

The first work will begin in June, with the completion of the project to resurface kilometre 83 to kilometer 120 of Highway 77.

“That’s one that’s going to be a very big player as time goes on,” Pimm commented. “The Horn River production – that road take you right past the Horn River with good access there and also into the Liard Basin in the future so it’s a very important road for the Fort Nelson people.”

In total, this summer’s plan are expected to create 120 direct jobs.