Lightning starts another 24 fires

The Centre says a lighting storm passed through the area, sparking more fires, in addition to the eight started by lighting last week.

The largest new fire in the area is in the Liard River area and has reached 150 hectares in size. Air tankers are currently being used as the fire is monitored.

Meanwhile, the big Pesh Suhm Creek wildfire northeast of Fort Nelson is still burning and still growing in size. When first discovered on July 5 it covered about 150 hectares, but it is now estimated at nearly 5,300 hecatares.

When added to the estimated 1,800 hectares now covered by the nearby Kotcho Lake Fire,  it puts the area's burn total at over 7,000 and that still represents nearly three quarters of the total for the entire province, which is just over 9,700 hectares.