Taylor boat ramp replacement starting Monday

B.C. Hydro will be driving steel piling into the river to create a cofferdam to pump out the water in the area so it can work on dry land to build the foundation for the boat ramp. B.C. Hydro spokesperson Bob Gammer explains all the work has to do with Peace River water licence requirements.

"As part of our water licence, because we have two dams on the Peace River upstream, we have obligations to the province that we must provide access and so the Taylor boat ramp is identified as one of the access points."

While the District currently owns the ramp, B.C. Hydro will pay for the construction and the maintenance of the new one. Gammer argues the new ramp will be a vast upgrade, as it will be angled better for safer launching of boats.

"The current ramp is perpendicular to the flow of the water, and that makes it really tough to launch or land, so this will be much better," he explains.

The new ramp will also be much bigger and sturdier, and will have better protection against erosion and ice.

It's expected construction will be completed by November 16, 2012. Peace Island Park and the campground will remain open during construction.