Duncan Cran class wins $1,000 for reusable lunch kits


The grade three students were luckily drawn from more than 140 classrooms across the province.
Duncan Cran entered the draw to support the Northern Environmental Action Team in their bid to win $10,000 from Hydro. NEAT was a finalist in the energy company's Community Champions contest, but was not chosen as one of the five organizations to receive funding. Todd's class says NEAT's video submission inspired them to think more about the environment.
"At Duncan Cran we believe that even though this is a school of children, children can make a difference and do something to help the earth," they wrote in their support statement.
The $1,000 will go towards buying reusable lunch kits for students, to reduce garbage. The school will now talk about garbage and how much is thrown away, as well as conduct a garbage audit. It also plans to have "litterless" lunch days.